10+ Beautiful WordPress Blog Themes For Personal Blogs – 2020

Are you thinking of starting a blog recently? There are tons of wordpress themes for personal blogs. Some of them are amazing while others are just ok. We have created a collection of best wordpress themes for personal blogs with amazing design and functionality.


Theblogger WordPress Theme

Theblogger is a WordPress theme with rich content that targets users who want to create a personal blog website. Unlike other blog themes, it contains a lot of demo variations in its content, which reveals astonishing and impressive, extraordinary and magnificent, gorgeous and creative designs. The contents of all demo sites can be uploaded with just one click. It is then possible to edit and customize it to your taste. It works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices and in all popular browsers, and you’ll also get a sharp image on Retina-powered devices. Theme customizer has been developed to allow you to customize hundreds of parts such as layouts, fonts, colors, font size, logo margins, header layout, parallax effect, footer, featured area, sidebar, image positions and etc.

If you are going to create a website with more advanced features than your personal website, Theblogger WordPress theme works fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. The Shop page also includes account, product single, cart and checkout sections. With 6 different header layout options and 7 different homepage options are offered in the theme. You can choose from more than 15 demo variations and these demo options are regularly increased. The featured area includes slider and link boxes. You can change these structures in the customizer with the desired ratio and style. This area is one of the most interesting parts to visit by visitors. Easy social share plugin and pop-up plugin are included in the package free of charge. These plugins help you reach more users and will save your money. With the Seo-friendly and advanced documentation, The Blogger WordPress theme makes blogging fun.

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Josephine WordPress Theme

Josephine is designed specifically for Lifestyle blogger, it is also available to all bloggers. It welcome us with five different home variations. Typography, font style, and color harmony have won us. The hover effect we saw on the slider is very compatible with the theme. The sidebar can take both right and left, can use full width, grid structure can be preferred. In the same way, portfolios can be divided into2, 3 and 4 columns and the sidebar can be used on both sides. Social icons can be added to both header and footer.

Josephine is a personal blog theme that is effective, elegant, impressive, feminine, smooth, soft, considerate, valuable, easy to use, attractive, independent, aesthetic and pleasant design. If you need a website to post your daily activities, your lifestyle, Josephine can be among the products you need to think about. Add color to your blogger life with Josephine.

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Impose WordPress Theme

Impose is developed specifically for bloggers who want to write personal blogs. One of the most important features separated from other themes is the main structure in the home, logo style, link boxes and different variations of blog layouts. You will be able to show the last articles you wrote on the homepage,  and this is decorated with a nice hover effect. Advanced customizable options give you flexibility on your website. With responsive and retina compatible, it works on all devices without problems. Typography will allow them to spend time on your website for a long time without getting tired of the look of your posts.

In Impose’s blog layout, we were very pleased with the irregular, waterfall and bold structure that attracted our attention and that we have not seen before. With the newsletter feature, you will add to the widget, you will have a continuous connection between visitors and you can send them a bulk mail at any time. If you want to put some of your posts in the foreground, you can use the slider feature to keep the post you want in the foreground. You can change the colors and fonts individually with just one click. It is among the best products of today with its ability to be easily translated into different languages, fast and high-quality support structure and many customizable options. Turn your life into reality with Impose.

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Shiroi Hana

Shiroi Hana WordPress Theme

Shiroi Hana is a WordPress theme developed for life, travel, fashion and personal bloggers. Focused on typography, this theme is enchanted by elegant, polite, pleasant, magnificent, wonderful, extraordinary, excellent, subtle, beautiful, unusual, fascinating and impressive designs.  The animations on the slider are pretty well thought out. There are several blog layouts, advanced page builder, three different post structure, regularly encoded structure, bootstrap 3 support, more than 20 commonly used shortcodes, demo contents with one click, are some of the most beautiful parts of this theme.

If you are looking for a theme with uncomplicated and consistent structures to convey the places you are looking for, the things you want to convey in your life, Shiroi Hana is exactly right for you. Good typography illuminates the future. Start the day with Shiroi Hana.

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Wonderblog WordPress Theme

Wonderblog is for you if you want to have personal blogging theme with shopping features. It is welcoming us with a nice slider. The promo boxes you can add behind are designed with a gentle typology. It’s nice to be modern layout and easily customizable. It includes standard, video, audio and gallery post formats. It combines custom widgets like Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, Ads, Social Icons and About me.

It’s nice to have a translatable, sticky sidebar structure, full screen, and the ability to hide and display most elements. Although it does not have many different variations, the addition of the shopping option is still a plus. They also tried to cover it as a single variation by decorating it with pretty typology. If you care about typology, you might need a shop feature in the future, it might be a product you can consider. Do not wait for tomorrow to create a nice page with Wonderblog.

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Escher WordPress Theme

Escher is an easy to use and powerful admin panel developed for the personal blog category. With one click you can download the entire demo content. Support for all post formats, custom shortcut variations, full screen display for slider, video support, zoom feature, parallax effect support, flexible typography settings, more than 600 google fonts, customizable options with many different variations, standard, animated and masonry layout blogs options, infinite scroll function, three different menu types, different sidebar options, mega menu support, advanced widget areas, responsive design and ready to translate.

Escher is attractive, smooth, colorful, rich, strong, flawless, affluent, current, wonderful, magnificent, astonishing, gorgeous, artistic, independent, decisive, modern and extraordinary theme. If you want to have such an improved personal blog product, you should buy it immediately. You are not late to make a difference. Transfer your current feelings to Escher.

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Starmile WordPress Theme

Starmile is a very beneficial WordPress Blog theme targeting fitness coach, traveler, personal blogger, food blogger, urban fashion blogger, mom, lifestyle blogger, photographer, and CEO. With its unique font and attractive structure, it can be considered wonderful and magnificent, triumphant and professional, majestic and extraordinary. It is fully responsive to all popular browsers and devices as well. You are able to preview all changes immediately on live customizer which is user-friendly. Changing templates, hiding or showing elements and reordering blocks are pretty easy with the powerful customizer. Every category and pages can be customizable as well. You will get more than 10 pre-defined demo versions. Whole demo content will come via one-click action. If you don’t know anything about blogging, you can start with one post demo feature which doesn’t need any coding knowledge.

The Starmile multi-purpose WordPress blog theme is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to do e-commerce. You will be able to display your products by adding numerous carousel sliders into the single post and archive pages. The theme allows you to use shoppable image which contains hotspots with affiliate product links inside. For the affiliate marketing, built-in affiliate widgets are used for recommending products, service, brands, and shops. With advanced monitorization techniques, you can place Google ads anywhere on your website. You can promote discount codes to your visitors and earn a commission each time. Restrict content pro plugin is suitable for the theme. By this way, you can create complete membership management to paid subscribers and collect payments. If you would like to collect your visitor’s mailing list, using the growing mailing list widget should be a smart idea. To create a blog website with advanced control, you can go out with the Starmile multi-purpose WordPress blog theme.

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Typology WordPress Theme

If you just want to write and if you have difficulty choosing a photo, or rather you do not want to use it at all, Typology WordPress theme is exactly for you. Do you say it would be a website without pictures? We are confronted with a theme that proves to us that it is absolute. With their unique style, they have proven to us that we can create an incredible website without featured images. If you like material design or flat style, you will definitely satisfy. You can decorate your homepage with a wide variety of alternative options.

You have never had so much control over typology. By combining colors and fonts in a wide variety of ways, you can create wonders with Typology. Your website loading speed will be 97% faster than other sites. RTL support is also added as a very useful feature. If you want to have a simple but effective, creative, pleasant, wonderful, incredible, enjoyable, excellent, amusing, clever, brilliant theme, you should definitely try Typology. Life can become renovated without featured images.

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Editor WordPress Theme

Editor is an impressive theme with a faded look designed for personal bloggers. It has six different home variations with incredible structure. Home Alternate variation was the most noticeable feature among them. After the logo you added above, the rotate words which you add below it will draw the attention of the users. Service icons are presented to users in a regular and effective font match. You can smile users by drawing attention to the fun facts section. You can show the latest posts with reading times. You do not specify these reading periods. The system counts the words added and calculates the average reading time.

In the Editor theme, you will be able to display all post formats properly. Toggle, accordion and tabs are not forgotten in this theme. The Books section has been specially developed for book authors. You can show your books on a regular basis and link to where you sell. We’re pretty pleased with this part. The theme, which has a highly developed gallery feature, is very successful in lightbox. Portfolio part with advanced filter structure is nicely designed. The resume section is also arranged to meet your needs. The editor has a very sophisticated structure for personal blogging. Choose Editor for a powerful personal blog site.

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Pofo WordPress Theme

Pofo is built for portfolio, corporate, agency and blogging WordPress themes. More than 25 demos allow you to create numerous and profound, fascinating and glorious, magnificent and remarkable websites. The adaptable structure according to the device size will give great results on standard and retinal assisted devices. You can easily access the entire demo content. Without any coding knowledge, you can easily do all of your work with the Visual Composer plugin. All you need to do is drag and drop more than 200 pre-built elements to where you want. Each part of the typography has been groomed to the finest detail and embellished with Font Awesome, Themify and Et-line font icon.

Another valuable and useful feature of the Pofo WordPress theme is the presence of e-commerce support. Fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, which will help you create a minimal and modern online store. With the powerful theme customizer, you can almost customize all areas of your website. You can create a great slider and add a background video to impress your users. With the WPML plugin, you can use multiple languages and you can collect mailing lists of visitors and send email them collectively with Mailchimp plugin. Page opening speed is very high and Seo optimization is provided. The Pofo WordPress theme will help you to present creative designs.

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SugarBlog WordPress Theme

SugarBlog is a simple, minimal, flashy, clean personal blog theme designed to write your stories. It is coded responsively so that it looks seamless on all devices. Unlimited style support, different header styles, easily managing widgets, nine custom page templates, submission of widgets with lightbox support, support for all post formats, subscribe screen integrated into footer Instagram module, Woocommerce support are some of the features.

Typography, color scheme, sustainability, hover effects, consistent page structure, sidebar and widget options make the SugarBlog theme very nice, lovely, wonderful, legendary, magnificent, brilliant and extraordinary. Imagine what you can do. If you want to have a sugar-like blog, you should definitely try the SugarBlog WordPress theme.

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Authentic WordPress Theme

Authentic is a minimalist design, the high customization feature has emerged as a user-friendly design with unique and wonderful lines, specially designed for the blogger, powered by parallax and video background, with different layout options. These days we feel the need for a different design, it is an up-to-date theme with the features you are looking for. You will make your blog or magazine stand out among others.

With the Authentic theme, you can customize tons of customization to attract more attention from your readers. There are four post header variants, multiple archive types, and numerous gallery types. If you have accumulated plenty of holiday photos, is it time for you to show them to readers? Especially traveling authors should start blogging with the Authentic theme, present them to the whole world. Do not be late and move on!

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Sun WordPress Theme

Sun is a WordPress theme that can be used for personal blogging and magazine, integrated on the grid structure and supporting affiliate links. Along with the vertical menu, it displays a marginal and attractive, different and elegant, accurate and consistent structure. The optimized theme is responsive and mobile-friendly and also supports the touch slider feature. With more than 700 font options you can make nice changes to typography and it also allows you to upload your own font. The bbPress support has been presented so that your users can discuss the questions on a useful platform.

The Sun WordPress theme can be easily installed with the help of a video tutorial. Your financial income can be significantly upgraded via WooCommerce support with an affiliate link. By adding an advertisement to many regions, you can increase future income through advertising. The powerful theme customizer allows you to customize many areas of the theme. The live filter options might be quite handy to filter your posts with plenty options. Userpro plugin comes via the theme free of charge by using it, your visitors can upload their own post with the images. Your photos on the blog won’t be stolen by click right because of the photoprotection feature. The Sun theme, which you can create your modules with drag and drop method, is quite useful.

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Fotomag WordPress Theme

Fotomag is a WordPress theme with minimalist features that you can publish travel, recipe, and personal blog entry. It looks charming and delightful, wonderful and handy, detailed and remarkably, with its regular and compact structure. It works responsively on all devices and it is retina supported. You will see the instant changes via its live customizer feature. It supports all post formats including YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter and Viddler videos as well. Related posts, comments, next and preview posts, author box, progress bar, publish date and etc. section can be turned on and off easily. The menu structure is vertically out of the ordinary structure.

We could not reach the shop page about the theme author’s says that WooCommerce plugin is supported with the Fotomag WordPress theme. Since we can not test, we can not evaluate this part. Typography options can be customized extensively. Body and title font, desktop and mobile line height, heading text and blockquote color can be customized. The footer structure is also made in accordance with the minimalist structure of the theme. A child theme has been added to make customization to the theme. It offers English, French, and Spanish language options and has RTL support. You can use the Fotomag personal WordPress theme for a minimalist and attractive structure.

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Himmelen WordPress Theme

Himmelen is designed to be great for users who want to write personal blogs. The theme is excellent and professional, minimal and flat, numerous and likable with its main 6 different homepage and 19 different homepage variations. Only one click action allows you to control the entire demo content. You will have 12 predefined color options and you can create unlimited variation with it. Theme installation and theme customization section are explained with video support so you won’t have any problem while you’re importing or customing the theme.

The Himmelen personal WordPress theme has a unique slider section so you can impress your visitors. The menu position can be arranged in the header, footer and off the canvas. In the same way, logo and banner position can be changed according to your taste. The theme has 5 different blog layouts such as standard, vertical, 2 column, compact list, and masonry style. You can set up separately all feature images and you can hide the featured image for each blog post. You can collect your visitor’s email list via Mailchimp plugin. The Himmelen personal WordPress theme is a great choice for bloggers.

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Flow WordPress Theme

Flow is confronted by regular box layout. Easy to use, interactive, nine different header variations attract the attention of many customers. If you are bored with the standard blog layout and are looking for a different, original and marginal structure, you need to consider about this WordPress theme.  It has a flat, detailed, excellent, beautiful, elegant, original, fresh, unique, cool, attractive and wonderful design.

Without any coding knowledge, you can load it with a powerful admin panel, with a click, and you can also customize it unlimitedly. Different blog structures are among the special features of the Flow WordPress theme. The theme supports all post formats, offering social sharing support, separate logo add-ons for all devices, multi-footer widget areas, mega menu support, parallax effects are also very helpful. If you do not want to miss the flow of your life, you can continue with Flow theme.

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Koalogger WordPress Theme

Koalogger is a blog WordPress theme that contains animations you have never seen before. The beautiful and amazing structure will take the visitor’s attention with its gorgeous and charming, astonishing and unique style. The theme works smoothly on mobile, tablet and desktop with all browsers. The blog structure supports 6 different formats including standard, audio, video, link, quote, and gallery. Post listing can be seen in 3 different styles.  You can combine your own style and colors with unlimited variations. The featured image also supports the gif format which will pull the customer’s attention. With Ajax load or pagination you can show the entire of your posts.

The Koalogger blog WordPress theme’s rich shortcode options help you create a lot of areas like button, progress bar, faq and etc. You can enrich your sidebar with many pre-made widgets. Offering RTL support, this theme can be easily translated into any language. Social media icons will help you share your website across social media. Contact form 7 which reinforced with communication panel will create a bridge between you and visitors. Instagram feed area will also support modernization. Creating a rich blog site with animations is possible with the Koalogger blog WordPress theme.

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Shasha WordPress Theme

Shasha is a blog site based on minimal style and created with delicate designs. The theme, inspired by the design of the material design, stands out as astonishing and pleasantly, clean and simple, clear and usable. You will be able to import the whole demo content with just one click. The theme developed in Html5 and CSS3 is prepared according to your taste. It works responsively on all popular browsers and devices. You can create color options in unlimited variants via color schemes. The header section can be customized in many ways. Standard, video, audio, and gallery posts are supported by the theme. You’ll be out of the ordinary with 8 different home layouts and 6 different blog layout options.

A slider is a very effective weapon for displaying blogs. By using Shasha’s slider feature, you’ll be able to get the attention of your users. As a result of working on the mobile menu, ease of use on mobile has been included. All the necessary infrastructure works are provided for you to use a different language other than English. This way you can easily translate this theme. Supported by Font awesome icons and Google fonts, the theme looks delicate in typography. The Instagram widget added to the footer so harmony are created with whole blog layout. If you want to write a blog in minimal style, you can browse Shasha blog WordPress theme.

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Inspiront WordPress Theme

Inspiront is a minimalist style Wordpress theme for bloggers. The fluent and easy-to-read structure is enjoyable and pleasant, elegant and attractive, superb and flawless. It is fully responsive to all popular browsers. You can do many customizations on your website with the powerful theme customizer. You can customize the menu to be as sticky as you like. Featured slider and content slider can be set as the boxed, full-width and full screen. The home layout can be chosen between 5 layout style such as standard layout, standard center, grid layout, list layout and Masonry layout. Post formats are supported by the standard, video, audio and gallery posts.

If you want to work on e-commerce, the Inspiront blog WordPress theme and WooComemrce plugin are fully compatible. By activating this plugin you can increase your income. Some features are available for single post. Post title can be added before and after the media. The sidebar can be hidden and shown. You can enable and disable the post comment and drop caps. If you would like to collect all your visitor’s email list, then you can use MailChimp plugin. You can easily translate this theme into any language. And with Seo optimization, you’ll loved by Google. For a minimal and polite design, meet the Inspiront blog WordPress theme.

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Mariann WordPress Theme

Mariann is a WordPress theme that targets people who want to write personal blogs. In general, the regular and consistent structure offers a pleasant and professional, nice and excellent, charming and marvelous impression to the users. With just one click, you will have the entire demo content in a minute. In terms of being a guide, a video about demo installation has been added. A wide variety of blog options are available with different header styles, 7 blog listing layouts, 10+ Featured Posts Slider layouts, alternative Revolution Slider, and 650+ fonts options. Its control panel is quite useful with many options. The clean and minimal design might be inspiring to creative blog flow.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website to increase your salary, the Mariann blog WordPress theme is suitable for the WooCommerce plugin. If you want to use the multi-language option, there is also WPML compatibility. There are 3 different menu styles for the top, header, and footer. The theme created with Dark and Light Top menu styles and it has 10 predefined color skins. Smooth image animations are changing the website’s air which is nice. You can disable individual featured images of all single posts. The theme is suitable for the Jetpack plugin as well. The Mariann blog WordPress theme which has Seo optimization will be the right choice for bloggers.

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Hawthorn WordPress Theme

Hawthorn WordPress theme is aimed at feminine users who want to blog in areas such as fashion, lifestyle, photography, and food. With its designs that pay attention to the fine details, it comes with a fabulous and bright, minimal and professional, attractive and engaging structure. You will have the entire demo content via one click demo upload feature. It works 100% responsive with all popular browsers and devices. The slider structure built in the Featured Area will appeal to your visitors and will be very useful. The author stated that this theme is compatible with the shortcodes used in previous themes. There are 7 different blog layouts such as the classic blog, grid, 1st full post then grid, list, 1st full post then List, alternating list, 1st full post then alternating list layout and each has full-width versions.

The Hawthorn blog WordPress theme allows you to do e-commerce. For this feature, full integration with the WooCommerce plugin is provided. The integration of MailChimp plugin is also provided to keep your mailing list and send mass mailings to your visitors. Custom widgets have been defined for About Me, Facebook, Promo Box, Social, and Latest Post sections. The theme options panel powered by WordPress’ Customizer allows you to customize at many points of the theme. The necessary infrastructure has been added so that you can translate easily into your desired language. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress, the Hawthorn blog WordPress theme will be a good choice for future bloggers.

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Maaya WordPress Theme

Maaya is a minimal WordPress theme designed for Fashion, Beauty, Food, Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers. It is considered to be quite fascinating and pleasant, fine and attractive, with its simple and convenient structure, which is not overblown. It is 100% responsive to all modern devices. With more than 150 shortcode elements you will create richness. You do not need any coding knowledge to build your modules. You can create your own way with the drag and drop method of the Visual Composer plugin. You can create unlimited variations on the header. You can show your post lists in 7 different grid structures which is cool.  You can also get your single post display in 6 different variations. 3 different designs have been added to show post loader effects.

WooCommerce integration with Maaya blog WordPress theme has been provided so that you can increase your income by e-commerce through your website. 12 different style variations are used to list your products. Plugins such as Slider Revolution, Ultimate Addons, Layer Slider, Unison and Event Calender are included free of charge. The encoding scheme is built in great form, so Seo Optimization is provided. The theme, which has more than 40 social media icons, has a popular style. With over 800 Google font options and Font awesome icon packs, Maaya will turn blogging into a pleasure. Separate your site with the Maaya WordPress theme in the blogosphere before it’s too late.

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Alder WordPress Theme

Alder is a powerful personal Wordpress theme which has elegant structure. It is designed to be stylish and modern, minimal and astonishing, wondrous and charming. It is designed to be 100% responsive to all devices and browsers. The header side is partly different and it has menu and Instagram widget with social icons. Just below the logo, there is a box featured area so you are able to display some of your posts. Font styles and design lines will change the air and provide a rich atmosphere. By adding a newsletter form under the Featured Area, you can collect emails from your visitors and send them a mass mailing at certain times. Theme options are powered by WordPress’s customizer, so many parts can be customized.

If you want to get e-commerce on your personal website, you can activate the WooCommerce plugin in the Alder WordPress theme. This way you can increase your income by doing e-commerce on your website. There are 5 different types of blog layouts such as Classic blog layout, Grid layout, 1st Full post plus Grid layout, List layout and 1st Full post plus List layout. Standard, video, music and gallery post layouts are supported. There are custom widgets for About Me, Facebook, Promo Box, Social and Latest Post. You can easily translate your website into any language. If you need a minimal and comprehensive personal WordPress theme, Alder can be a good choice.

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MagPlus WordPress Theme

MagPlus is a deliberately and thoroughly crafted WordPress theme for the blog and magazine categories. When you look at the demo sites, you can see a magnificent and pleasant, pleasure and professional, impressive and impeccable layout. Creating a website has never been easier. The Visual Composer plugin and live customizer provide great convenience through the drag-and-drop module. With just one click, you can quickly and easily use the demo website you need. It has been found to be very successful, completing the speed tests by taking A points. Magplus gives you the maximum adaptability to make your site look good with 12 header layouts. More than 150 special elements have been prepared for you to use anywhere you want.

The MagPlus WordPress theme allows you do use e-commerce feature via its fully compatible WooCommerce plugin. By doing so, you will be able to increase your income. You can get rid of the ordinary by showing the articles you write on 25 different layouts. By using more than 20 different sliders, you can increase interactivity with users. Viral quiz, yellow pencil pro, and social jumbo pack plugins are included in the package for free of charge. You can make easy and flexible customizations with the powerful theme options panel. Review system was used to get feedback from users. Even the finest details in typography have been glanced, providing a star-like shine. You can choose MagPlus WordPress theme for being a news center.

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Venza WordPress Theme

If you need a simple theme to use many areas, Venza WordPress Blog theme was created for you. This theme is simple and amusing, charming and considerate, lovely and incredible features are created. It is fully responsive to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You can add all the content you see on the demo site to your own website and modify it easily. 8 Pre-Made Page Templates options are available. The featured area with the slider on the home becomes unique in many aspects. The Instagram area in the footer is nicely added and the menu structure can be edited just below. Standard, video, gallery and audio post formats are supported. At the same time, there are About Me Widget, Facebook Widget, Social Widget and Latest Post Widget integration.

The theme options part of Venza WordPress theme is supported by Redux framework. You can easily hide and show most elements. The menu structure can be added as sticky. You can enrich most elements with an unlimited color scale. Header, footer and sidebar area support social media icons. Several plugin compatibilities have been added to improve page opening speed and to provide Seo optimization. The contact page is powered by contact form 7 plugin. They’ve added the files you need to translate your website easily into the language you want. With many page layout options and minimal features, Venza personal blog WordPress theme will undoubtedly attract your visitor’s attention.

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Grace WordPress Theme

Grace WordPress theme is a professionally developed, minimalist theme for those who want to create a creative blog and personal website. It is a rational and innovative, autonomous and minimal, astonishing and elegant building designed to create a modern looking and easy to use WordPress theme. There are two types of layout styles, full width, and boxed layout. You can easily select the style you want. Flexibility is provided allowing you to make changes to WordPress. It looks seamless on all devices via its responsive structure built on a 12-column grid structure. You can easily import all posts, pages, and recipes you see at the demo site. Many parts between headers and footers can be easily changed from the rich color scale.

Grace minimal WordPress theme has a unique feature using features such as slideshows, banners, and promo boxes. The sidebar can be added flexibly to both the right side and the left side. You can create your own website with 4 different header styles. All lines, font styles and sections are created by sticking to the minimal structure. The search feature has been added to the top of the page to make it easier to access. Social media icons can be added to the footer structure and you can use the Instagram widget to reveal your social media. All of the blog types such as text, image, slideshow, and video formats are supported. If you like minimalistic architecture and want to have an uncomplicated aesthetic website, you can have Grace WordPress theme.

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SmartBlog WordPress Theme

SmartBlog is designed for personal bloggers who want to experience different actions together with a modern structure. If you are bored with standard header structures, it can offer different header alternatives. Writing with new advanced slider styles will add a distinctive atmosphere to your website. Exclusive category filters will add new experiences to you. The burger menu structure will carry your mobile usage activity to the top. A dozen layout styles will decorate your showcase very pleasantly.

If you want to have a fabulous, wonderful, attractive, nice, pretty, elegant, pure, incredible, amazing, genuine theme, SmartBlog is full of you. Fully responsive, SEO-powered, post-like feature, sharing counter, sticky top bar, customizable font structure, translatable and nice support request team are making tWordPressress theme powerful. If you want to impress readers and make them welcome, start using SmartBlog today.

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Soledad WordPress Theme

Soledad is a WordPress theme with over 2000 homepage demo variations available for magazine and blogging. The product is easy to use and has a stylish appearance, it is wonderful and pleasant, beautiful and modern, with light and dark contrasts. The theme has a  video tutorial and it is manageable and easy to install. Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, and GTmetrix scores are quite satisfying. More than 800 sliders, blogs, and magazine layout options will save you from ordinary. The Live customizer feature allows more than 400 customization sections to you. You can create your website using the pre-made Soledad elements in the Visual Composer plugin by doing so you don’t even customize your website.

The Soledad WordPress theme is suitable for translating to other languages and it allows you to use multilanguage. If you are a food blogger, you can publish your recipes and get reviews on it. 3 sidebar layouts, 5 article layouts, and 6 portfolio layouts are available for the theme. It is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin for creating an online store. If you would like to create a forum it is also possible with bbpress and BuddyPress compatibility. Impressing your visitors will be possible with the slider revolution plugin which is free of charge. Check out the Soledad to create great blog website.

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Newsmax WordPress Theme

Newsmax is a WordPress theme that can be used in multipurpose fields like news, blog, and magazine. Over 10 demo content can be uploaded quickly and you can combine the features between these demos.  You can quickly create your modules with drag and drop method. Theme options are highly flexible and have advanced features. So you can easily control the many parts of the theme. If you want to sell products on your website, you can take advantage of the Woocommerce feature. Modern and architectural, wonderful and lovely, excellent and with pure post styles you will admire your visit. It is configured responsively so that it can be seen 100% smooth on all devices. Ajax is supported on almost all blocks. Having live ajax in the search feature helps you achieve your results faster and more accurately.

Newsmax WordPress theme uses a review system to allow you to receive feedback from visitors and customers. If you have the menus that you want to highlight, you can do them using the mega menu feature. Seo optimization and page opening speed have been greatly improved and Google friendly structure has been revealed. You can control more than 500 settings without any coding knowledge. With Ruby Builder Tools, you can easily create your blocks using drag and drop features. You will not miss anything while keeping your blog posts up via infinite loading. The features that Newsmax WordPress theme has come together in different blog theme, but not all the features are in one single theme. This rich structure will conquer your soul.

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Bjorn WordPress Theme

The Bjorn WordPress theme has been specially developed for users who want to write personal blogs. It is completely elegant and intuitive, innovative and modern, contemporary and aesthetic WordPress theme. If you want to write about travel, photography, magazine, fashion, this product can easily fulfill what you want. When we look at the homepage, it welcomes us via numerous style which includes many variations such as right and left, sidebar and full-width. 7 blog listing layouts, 10+ Featured Posts Slider layouts, alternative Revolution Slider, 650+ fonts were among the features that were initially eye-catching. You can place a menu under and above the logo on it. So you can easily show things that want to bounce. You can download all demo content with just 1 click.

If you need advanced documentation while uploading the Bjorn WordPress theme, video tutorial support is provided for you. Google page speeds are over 90. In this way, all customers are satisfied. The menu can be found in 4 different places such as top, header, footer, and offcanvas. A single post featured image can be placed in a simple, standard, and transparent way. You will not need any css and html5 knowledge. Fancy animation has added vitality to the Bjorn WordPress theme. It works with many plugins such as the jetpack, slider revolution, and MailChimp. Seo optimization has been provided and is loved by Google. WooCommerce support is provided to make product sales on your website. The Bjorn WordPress theme seems to be a candidate for your life and your experience.

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Pluto WordPress Theme

Pluto is a blog WordPress theme that is designed as a personal and food blog but contains unique things that are not in other themes. If you want to create your own community and give each user the ability to create custom profiles, you can provide a platform with user membership feature that allows them to sign up and upload photos and post messages. If you do not want your photos to be stolen, you can activate the photo protection feature to prevent unauthorized downloading. By adding banners to the header, sidebar, main menu and between posts, you can earn from your ads and raise your income. The sidebar and menu structure can be used on the left, right and top position.

Pluto blog WordPress theme is supporting the video, standard, quote, audio, image, link, gallery and aside formats. The QR code feature has also been added to make it easy to switch from desktop to tablet or mobile. You can open the browser instantly by scanning the QR code. The reading mode feature has been added to minimize the disturbing environment of readers. Each code is encoded as an implementation for SEO optimization. The blog structure, which is filterable and boxed, is the most noticeable structure of this theme. As you scroll downwards, the rest of the posts will be loaded without any action. Mega menu, custom messaging features, and drag-and-drop options are among the nice features included in the theme for free. Include the Pluto blog WordPress theme in your life for a powerful blog website that you have control of.

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Cheerup WordPress Theme

CheerUp WordPress theme is suitable for personal blogs and classy magazines. The theme covers plenty new feature and it was designed with modern look out and minimal structure. The theme works smoothly on all devices and has retina support. It has 11 unique design with more than 500 layout variations. You can display your articles with dynamic full width, classic, creative, magazine, full width and cover image style. If you would like to make your posts viral then the social icon integration will help you to create it. The slider feature will impress your visitors via its unique and modern layout.

Page opening speed score is quite high for the CheerUp WordPress theme. By so, Google will love your website. The images will load unless your visitors scroll down that will improve the page speed as well. The header and the footer structure can be designed via many variations according to your taste. The theme supports Visual Composer plugin so you can create the content and pages via drag and drop method. The powerful theme customizer will help you to customize the theme easily. WooCommerce plugin will allow you to create your own shop so you can increase your salaries. If you willing to create your personal blog website then you can choose the CheerUp WordPress theme.

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    Nice work.
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