Fixing WooCommerce 3 Lightbox Issue

Recently WooCommerce has released a major update by jumping to version 3 from v2.6. It brought some cool new features on single product gallery lightbox, swipe, and zoom. The old version used to have PrettyPhoto lightbox plugin which wasn’t really up to date and not so mobile friendly. But with v3 came with new features like inline gallery slider, mouse hover zoom, and mobile friendly PhotoSwipe lightbox support.

Well, these are really cool features but when you update to WooCommerce 3.0 and you saw that the lightbox, slider, and zoom doesn’t work on your product galleries; hopefully there is an easy fix for that. These new features are off by default and your theme needs to activate them.

Woocommerce 3 Lightbox issue
WooCommerce 3.0 “Bionic Butterfly”

How to enable WooCommerce 3 product gallery features for your theme

Hopefully, it is pretty easy to add new WooCommerce 3 gallery features to your theme. You just need to add the code pieces below to your after_setup_theme action. (generally in your functions.php file)

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'yourtheme_setup' );

function yourtheme_setup() {
add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-zoom' );
add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-lightbox' );
add_theme_support( 'wc-product-gallery-slider' );

This should activate the new gallery features and you can enjoy the new pretty product galleries of WooCommerce 3 😉

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