10+ Outstanding vCard & Resume WordPress Themes of 2020

vCard wordpress themes are a perfect solution to show your online presence to the world. vCard themes focuses on your online identity and allows to show your resume and portfolio in a beautiful way. In this post we have gathered the best looking yet with good functionality wordpress vCard themes for you.


unRovr WordPress Theme

Unrovr is a vCard theme developed specifically for cv and resume and created with rich animation options. Creating a personal website has become very popular lately. In order to show it strongly and splendidly, it has been presented with a magnificent and astonishing, charismatic and attractive structure. Uploading the entire demo content will take only 1 minute. It works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices and on all popular browsers. Also, you will get a sharp image on retina assisted devices. Do not be afraid to create the whole website. With the elementor plugin, you can create all modules with drag and drop feature without any coding knowledge.

The typography of the Unrovr WordPress theme has been prepared in detail and it helps users to get the best reading comfort. Showcase on the portfolio page, created with Ajax support and filter which is pretty user-friendly. The videos and photos on the page will adjust themselves according to the aspect ratio. The blog page supports all blog types. You can create your current posts using all the features. The theme customizer allows you to customize many options such as font, color, and menu. With more than 30 added rich icon options, users will spend more time on your website. Google will like your website with your SEO optimization support. You will be able to show your experiences, skills and references with graphs on the resume page.  You should definitely use the unRovr WordPress theme to have a vCard which is created with animations.

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Empathy WordPress Theme

If you want to open your identity to the digital world, Empathy is the most successful VCard theme in this respect. Empathy is a very imaginative and interesting, eye-catching and easy-to-use, fast-loading and resourceful, highly skilled and sleek, modern and elegant, quite wonderful and charming, very incredible and ingenious, engaging personal portfolio and WordPress VCard theme. Using advanced web technologies, it is easy to be assertive with the power of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It works smoothly on all devices.

Filtered portfolio with solid ajax portfolio details and 67 Different Page in-out animations are some of the characteristics of why you should choose Empathy. The other positive aspects of Empathy are the blog structure that supports all post formats, advanced resume page and map options with full page, vertical menu structure on the left and SEO optimized, fast loading and translation. The fact that they have added video background according to user’s request shows that they are really interested in the client’s requests. To promote yourself best in the digital world, start using the Empathy VCard WordPress theme.

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Themenum WordPress Theme

Themenum personal Vcard, Resume and Cv WordPress theme is specially designed for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, video producers, and architects. The background images added behind the menus reveal a different design. This theme, which is both a dark version and a light version, offers a nice view with customizable color options. Typography and hover effects can be shown among other features that enhance the Themenum.

Themenum is a theme that should be preferred with various and refined designs, creative content and exceptional styles, comprehensive effects and beautiful writing patterns. Compatibility with Visual composer and bootstrap seems to have helped make the theme stronger. By capturing digital life, you can bring your career to the forefront and transfer it to the other side more intelligently. Make a rational choice and use the Themenum theme.

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uCard WordPress Theme

UCard WordPress VCard theme is designed to be a three-dimensional layout for people who want to create a personal website. UCard is a WordPress theme that is modern and architectural, aesthetic and pleasant, incredible and flawless, interesting and creative, specially created and likable, systematic and rational. The featured background image that welcomes you with your personal photo and the words that rotate on it are mind-boggling. You will be able to access the added menu items consistent with the flawless smooth scroll actions.

If you click on the boxed menu structures on the UCard, you will feel like a page of a book is opening. In all categories, typology has been prepared with prominent attention. UCard’s excellent features include a filtered portfolio structure, a rich resume page, carefully crafted shortcodes, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery power, customizable structure, up-to-date SEO optimization, flexible photo and video support. If you like a little nostalgia and want to present your life among the book pages, you should opt for uCard.

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Myers WordPress Theme

Myers is a Vcard, resume, cv WordPress theme designed to introduce yourself to the world in a more elegant way. Myers is a theme that is coded, coherent and organized, pleasant and modern, spirit and flashy, witty and intelligent in accordance with today’s technology. It has been developed as a bootstrap based and coded to fit all devices. The page is divided in two, and your contents appear on the right. The left part remains constant.

Myers has the modules that are required as standard and must be found on the personal resume site. Along with the small Although it does not have very different variations, it is considered to be a product that people in need to pass by. The Visual composer plug-in is another feature that we can add as a plus. You should keep up with the digital age and create a resume site with Myers.

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Rscard WordPress Theme

Rscard is a resume, cv, and portfolio WordPress theme designed to help you express your personal information in the best possible way.  With its structure built on one page, it gives an enjoyable and fascinating, pleasant and professional, powerful and attractive impression. It has pretty flexible structure and responsive layouts and works smoothly on all devices. The theme, which is prepared with minimal and material design, also offers retina support. More than 200 social icons are meant to use the power of social media. The theme supports YouTube, Vimeo Support, Dailymotion and custom videos.

Your professional skills, portfolio showcase, service offerings, work experience and educations can be superbly displayed with the nice graphics of the Rscard WordPress theme. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can increase your salaries.  Your special services are shown in the material design pricing table and your customers can pay with the buttons there. Portfolio page works with filter and ajax support.the Rscard resume WordPress theme with RTL support will help you to present yourself in great shape.

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Mim WordPress Theme

Mim is a WordPress theme created for you to present your personal portfolio in minimal and dark versions. It is designed to be responsive on all devices. You will have the entire demo content with just one click. You can have the entire demo content by drag and drop method. Thus, you will not need any coding knowledge. You will be able to introduce yourself in enjoyable and minimal, wonderful and pleasant, pretty and flawless structure. With its shortcode structure, you can easily deliver what you want. All the necessary tests have been done with all popular browsers and it has been offered to the service without problems. Hundreds of Google fonts have been added to the Mim WordPress theme for a wide range of options.

All coding is prepared in the Mim WordPress theme and arranged in the light of current standards. This also affects your Seo. Also, the page opening speed is increased. Portfolio structure is filter and light boxed. Blog structure is also supported by advanced features. You can see the font, text and color changes you make on Theme customizer live. High performance, cool animations add color to the page. If you want to use the theme in a different language, or if you want to use it with more than one language option, it is possible via wpml plugin. You can use the menu structure horizontally and vertically and make impressive presentations. Introduce yourself to people with Mim WordPress theme.

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Sunday WordPress Theme

Sunday is a modern resume WordPress theme one-page page structure designed for freelancers and creative professionals. Built on Visual Composer, this theme allows you to create your pages with drag and drop in just a few seconds. This way you can have a lot of fun, save time and create your pages without any coding knowledge. The anime of the elements will be effective on your visitors. When we tested it on tablets and mobile devices, we did not see any flaws.

Unique design, filtered portfolio structure, demo content coming with a click, free page builder plugin, fully responsive integration, 600+ google font usage, valid and evolving html5 and css3 encoding allows for this product to be preferred. The fact that the hamburger menu is on the desktop is also a different feature. I only think that theme should be presented with this dark version as well as the light version. Nevertheless, the Sunday theme, which has a positive score from us, is very charming to add a new weekend to your life.

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Mi. WordPress Theme

Mi resume Vcard theme is designed for ITs, lawyers, medical workers, managers, beauty workers and ecologists. The Mi theme is bright and innovative, modern and architectural, lovely and astonishing, magnificent and sumptuous, spruce and orderly, clear and up to date, reliable and pleasant with HTML5 and CSS3 powered. They have three different menu variations and various demo variations, and also plan to add more products. If you scroll down the page, it will help you to easily find out which menus are selected and the color change.

In The Mi theme, we have a nice animation, a nice grid structure, and a consistent typography. With the filtered portfolio structure, you can present your showcase to the users in the most delightful way. The area created in the cloud environment where the customers can present their opinions is also very detailed. You have not forgotten to add a map, with the part that you can add and write blog posts to face differently. If you are working in one of the occupational groups mentioned above and would like to open a personal page, you can show yourself to Mi.

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Meraki WordPress Theme

Meraki resume WordPress theme is designed for users who want to make a website with a personal resume with creative and modern structure. You can easily add all of your information, including experience, skills, education, works, awards, and expertise. By building on the material design, you can customize the code and have a flexible website. Powered by HTML5, CSS3, and Jquery, this theme is wonderful and charming, pleasant and amiable, well-maintained and astonishing, extraordinary and unimaginable, unusual and enjoyable.

Meraki has been created with minimal and unique design, adding nice animations, and is coded strongly. Recent technology has been traced, including the need for a filtered portfolio feature. The pricing table, the testimonials section, and the blog section are designed to be fully compatible. The Single Post page has a widget section and the font usage is a bit bold. We can recommend all this as a nice resume theme. Life is under control with Meraki theme.

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Split WordPress Theme

Split is a WordPress Vcard theme that will help you to introduce yourself to the modern world effectively and charmingly. About, portfolio, blog, and contact pages that appeal to users who do not like a complicated construction. The about page, where different grid structures are used, is generally organized in a consistent manner. The fonts are consistent, the icons are organized and a nice table is used.

The Split theme, which also features filtered portfolio, has managed to create the same layout for a single portfolio. You can present your own work via photographs and details on grid structure. With drag and drop method you can create your pages in a very short time. You will be able to translate easily and use your map seamlessly on all devices. Choose Split! To plan your future already and present your experience.

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Hire Me

Hire Me WordPress Theme

Hire Me resume WordPress theme is designed for multi-purpose use. It has two different header styles with superior designs. This product, created with nice lines and typography, is very pretty and tidy, exceptional and enjoyable, beneficial and lovely, accurate and overpowering. Its unique buttons and menu styles have consistently dominated the rest of the page. The service icons and the hover effect on it have contributed to making the details more understandable.

The filtered portfolio structure will help ensure that your projects are consistent. At the same time, when we checked the single portfolio page, they did not neglect a regular page structure. Visual composer comes free in the plugin and you can also have the whole demo content with a click. If you think it is reflecting your own style, you can get the Hire Me resume, cv, portfolio and business WordPress theme without thinking.

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Tayn WordPress Theme

Tayn resume theme is designed with material design to promote people online. The acting principle will only take a few seconds with the drag and drop method. If you like shadows and material construction, you can reveal very pleasant websites with this theme. With Tayn, you can create a wonderful and pleasant, very rich and enjoyable, faithful and consistent, up-to-date and exciting world, instead of just having a curriculum vitae.

Indicating that it is challenging about Seo, the Tayn theme has been able to make itself different by its customizable and filtered portfolio structure. Backup protection is also supported to ensure that you will not lose any files or information. If you need a resume and cv theme with the features we have mentioned, I can say that it is a product that I would like to recommend. It’s time to present your readers’ personal development with Tayn.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin WordPress Theme

Sam Martin is a WordPress theme developed for creative and professional people to present their portfolios and resumes in a modern way. Especially as a target mass, they have created a demo site for IT and developers, designers and lawyers, attorneys and judges, writers and journalists, reporters and wedding planners, event planners and doctors, medical specialists and model. Sam is organized and consistent, flashy and modern, enjoyable and magnificent, majestic and luxurious, attractive and flawless theme.

Sam Martin, which will look seamless on all devices, allows you to sell your products online with the addition of Woocommerce support.  With the Visual Composer plugin, you will be able to create your pages in a very short time with the drag and drop method. Without any coding knowledge, you can customize your page and content via the powerful admin panel. You can show your logo, personal profile, information about yourself, services, resume, skills, portfolio, current calendar, blog posts and much more with this theme. Affect your clients with Sam Martin.

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Experience WordPress Theme

Experience Cv & Resume WordPress theme is designed for multi-purpose personal website. They have tried to capture a pleasant trend in this category, with different variations. This product, which is mainly used for flat design, has a hamburger menu on the desktop. The demo content, which comes with a click, helps you quickly prepare your site. In addition, they add four different pagination styles, which show that they are ambitious with the use of bold fonts.

The filtered portfolio structure on the Experience theme also reveals a confusion on the blog page. This filter structure on the blog page is one of the rare occasions. This product, which says that demo pages will come out in more and different variations, we hope that it will further develop itself. If you want to have a personal page from different structure, you can use the Experience Cv & Resume theme.

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