10+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes – 2020

A collection of the best WordPress restaurant themes on the market for your restaurant. If you are running a restaurant then you need a stunning website to showcase your menu and grab the attention of potential hungry customers. In this collection, we have put together the best restaurant WordPress themes on the market so you can have your WordPress based restaurant website right away. Let’s begin;


Spoon WordPress Theme

Spoon is a premium restaurant WordPress theme conscientiously designed for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubs, events, catering, food trucks, juice bars. Spoon is a WordPress theme where you can list your unlimited food and beverages, create astonishing events, show off your workmates in a wonderful way, show your superior photo gallery, write effective blogs and sell your yummy food. You can use one-page layout or multi-page structure. The address, phone, email and social icons that you think are important can be displayed at the top of the menu. Regardless of which device you look at, you will always see your pages in a magnificent structure.

The content box post type is one of the most remarkable features of the Spoon restaurant WordPress theme and you can create a whole page with floating boxes filled with images, various background colors, and text. Image The lightbox feature makes a nice impression without touching the minimalist structure. Thru, Font Awesome and Pe Icon 7 Stroke icon packs, you can display over than 800 icons in the theme. The Spoon restaurant WordPress theme, which we like the menu list very much, draws attention to the visuals of foods by attaching importance to typography. With 9 different page templates and 5 custom post types, Spoon is a leader in the restaurant chain.

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Ginger WordPress Theme

Ginger WordPress theme is specially designed for restaurant, café, coffee shop, bistro, gastropub, bar, and wine shop. For any type of restaurant, you will be able to create incredible and gorgeous, gratifying and astonishing and wonderful and charming website. You can easily choose from 12 pre-made demo options via just single click action. This theme works responsively in popular browsers and devices. Images can be scaled according to the size of the device. The page opening speed gets a high score on all tests. The website is specially designed to make it easy for disabled users to use. Seo optimization is completed so that it can get high scores on search engines.

A homepage is one of the most important parts of a website. With more than 20 hand-crafted decorative SVG borders in the Ginger Restaurant WordPress theme, you can earn the likes of your visitors. You are able to make your website individual with a large collection of exclusive 30+ SVG patterns for overlay the images.  With the Live customizer, you can easily customize the theme and view instant changes. They have added a reservation system so you can make your restaurant planning in an easy way. You will also be able to present your restaurant menus to your customers. You can organize events for new users or for existing customers. The Ginger Restaurant WordPress theme, which can be easily translated and supports WooCommerce features, will suit your restaurant very well.

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Delicious WordPress Theme

The Delicious WordPress theme is adapted for restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, bakery, pubs, cafeteria, coffee shop pizzerias or other restaurant related businesses. If you do not have any programming skills but you want to have a fabulous website, you should explore this wonderful and impressive, elegant and classy, delicious and innovative, descriptive and easy to use WordPress theme. Firstly, the parallax effect created at homepage leaves an impressive impression, and the mouse hover effect also draws attention to you. Associated with page builder plugin, you can list your stories, team members, and awards by means of the easy tab structure. This structure based on the material design will help you to create a regular structure without strangling your homepage.

The open and close menu list structure in Delicious Restaurant WordPress theme offers a delightful reading experience with exceptional details. The photos of the products prepared by your cookies can be added with the gallery feature and the customers will be able to make a detailed criticism about your business. By dint of to the reservation feature included in the theme, customers can easily make reservations when they want and organize events for special days. Shopping feature that comes with WooCommerce allows you do e-commerce and you can easily grow your business. Seo suitability with its high-speed performance can be shown among other reasons for your preference. Thanks to many new icon packs and nice blog structure, Delicious restaurant, and coffee WordPress theme continues to be assertive in the sector.

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Marco WordPress Theme

Marco WordPress theme is headed to the restaurant, cafe, winery, sushi bar, bistro, bar, pub, and any other food-related businesses. Marco is a WordPress theme that stands out with its stunning and spruce, accurate and impressive, wonderful and curious, charismatic and engaging, glittering and unusual minimalism and typography. 20 demo variations show that the product is strong and open to developing. The parallax effect, animations and hover effect are quite superbly created and reflected positively. The photos that come with lazy load and cool animations will increase the impact of your customers on your business. Marco WordPress restaurant theme, which has menu lists, blog, reservation and contact page, can fulfill all functions required for a restaurant.

The reservation section is shown as a trend feature recently. This is why they have created booking forms with different variations to suit your taste. Outside of the standard blog structure, the filtered blog structure is effective in easily reaching the article you are looking for. By the same filtering feature added to the gallery, customers will be able to access easily in the desired category. A special part was created in the events that you will present on special occasions. If you want to get into e-commerce, Marco Restaurant WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce support. If you like minimal design and want to have a website that includes animations, you can buy Marco WordPress theme without thinking.

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Gulash WordPress Theme

Gulash restaurant and coffee WordPress theme is suitable for restaurant, cafe, winery, sushi bar, bistro, bar, pub and any other food-related businesses. The slider feature, created with spirited animations, affects the quality of the product as classy and admirable, absolute and excellent, gorgeous and euphoric, wonderful and funny.It has many features that a restaurant may need such as menu, gallery, blog, contact, team, events and online reservation. By means of Visual composer support, you can create great websites in minutes and use the rest of the time for your delicious food. Of course, you will not need coding knowledge in this case. Many of the changes you want can be done with a powerful customizable admin panel.

Gulash restaurant and coffee WordPress theme presents the menu in a relaxing atmosphere, along with a sticky image. Your customers will feel like you are presenting the menu with a typewriter and they will go on a nostalgic journey. OpenTable’s infrastructure reservation feature will help customers check availability and will contribute positively to the business. With Visual Composer elements, you can create mosaic layouts and use them for all the products you want to highlight. In the integrated footer field of MailChimp, you can use the flexible widgets, and you can add custom upcoming programs with the events feature. This WordPress theme, which is SEO optimization, gives you the whole demo content thanks to one-click feature. When your chefs prepare your meals, the Gulash restaurant and coffee WordPress theme will do your presentation.

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ROSA WordPress Theme

ROSA is a restaurant WordPress theme that will help you organize your food lists and your business in the most elegant way. First of all, a spectacular full-page background emerges. The pleasant structure of the typography makes the ROSA WordPress theme very effective and quite useful, extraordinary and wonderful, charming and efficacious, quite adequate and magnificent. Perhaps the most effective feature of this product is that it allows online booking. Your customers will be able to easily check whether there is an available table within a minute without making a reservation at your restaurant. Prepared in a very nice way, this part is a feature that should exist in many themes.

The parallax effect in ROSA restaurant WordPress theme, which is coded to pull the attention of the customer, has a favorable effect on the minds. Customers will feel no interruption in their experience with its responsive adaptability. You will save your clients from complicated structures like downloading pdfs with the menu that is listed in extraordinary beauty and you will increase your speed. The e-commerce feature has been added to further improve your business and income. In this way, your customers will be able to place orders with a few clicks and pay them easily. Customers will save time and you will be able to reach a wider audience. This product, which is assertive about SEO, fast to upload and customized without the need of coding knowledge, continues to be a favorite in this sector. Add the beauty of sophistication with ROSA restaurant WordPress theme.

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Dine WordPress Theme

Dine restaurant WordPress theme has been created for businesses that love parallax effects and strong typography with there different variations of dark, light, and center. You can make the transition between the parts in the homepage with the mouse scroll, but also with the vertical icons in the right corner. The rotate words that meet the customers will be very important in terms of the positive first impression. With customizable link boxes, you will be able to produce a theme that is fluent and effective, elegant and bright, wonderful and magnificent, excellent mark and expensive, recommendable and consistent. The tiny animations which are hidden within the pages allow you to pass the enjoyment time without getting bored.

Dine restaurant WordPress theme’s strong and charismatic structure, is compatible with the latest WordPress version. Icons will look even sharper on all retina assisted devices. You can easily translate the product into your own language via pot files. With OpenTable, you can easily take online reservations for your customers and save time. HTML5 and CSS3 techniques are provided to keep the product up-to-date. Speed tests are equivalent to WordPress’s standard theme. The Live customizer feature will help you to customize hundreds of parts and quickly set up your pages with drag and drop method on the visual composer plugin. The MailChimp plugin has been styled and ready to use so that you can inform your customers of the latest news. Responsive image lightbox customized from Magnific Popup and contact form plugin is supported. Quality service requires a pleasant image so show your qualities with Dine restaurant WordPress theme.

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KOBA WordPress Theme

KOBA Restaurant WordPress theme has been designed in a fun way to present the taste of restaurant businesses to customers over the internet. The KOBA WordPress theme, which offers a delightful presentation with its unique design, makes you feel like you are looking at a menu in the restaurant. It wants to present unforgettable experiences by going out in 6 different variations. The vertically arranged menu structure allows the user to spend more time using the slider structure more effectively. You can prepare your menu list, write tips about the delicious food which is prepared by your master chefs, display your gourmet products with the gallery feature, and direct your customers to make reservations.

The typography in the Koba WordPress theme is arranged in accordance with the restaurant. This will help your customers focus more on service-oriented areas and avoid unnecessary time lost. The restaurant sector is an area where competition is intense. So, effective and organized, responsive and rich website will help to increase your potential customers. The social icons you put on the left of the menu in the vertical and the areas you want to highlight will offer a pleasant impression to the users. In this way you can easily customize typography, icons, colors and background image. Serve your hot food with KOBA immediately.

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Lecker WordPress Theme

Lecker is a WordPress theme designed for restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and organic food business. The Lecker WordPress theme, which you can organize as a single page multi-page page, will help you prepare a delicious and exciting, wonderful and ideal, attractive and charming, unique and unparalleled presentation. With 10 different demo variations, you will be able to create a pleasant product without any coding knowledge to suit your business. The retina-guided structure will provide a sharp image and logo to the client, while the soft scroll movement will provide a unique experience. Combined with a full-screen background and the bootstrap structure allows you to enjoy a novel experience on all your devices.

If you want your customers to read menu lists with special effects instead of reading the standard text, the Lecker WordPress theme is quite capable. The animated box on the slider will attract the attention of the customers as well. If you like, you can show your galleries on the slider or through mini-boxes which are pretty cool. A special reservation module is also designed to help your customers make reservations before they arrive at the business. While your chefs service delicious foods, your customers will also be able to add comments on flavor to the testimonials area. The Lecker Restaurant WordPress theme will add color to your site if you need to make an animated website without minimal design.

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Native WordPress Theme

Native Restaurant is an extraordinary theme that you can present your delicious food to your valued customers. You can present your most ambrosial, adopted, yummy, tasty, zesty, savory menu lists in the most exceptional way. With customizable modular layout, you can perform the most beloved menu lists of this year with numerous headers, sidebar, footer options.

With just a few clicks, the Native Restaurant, which you can sell all your delicious foods in a very short time with your most impressive images, is among the things not to be missed. You will be filled with eye-catching fonts that will touch people, and you will be among the best with various hover effects. All they have to do is use your website to taste the new foods. The lunch starts with Native Restaurant.

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    Great List. Very Impressive.
    If you think to refresh the list, just take a look at this new theme which is FoodFork. I have already used it and it is good WordPress theme for Restaurant, Cafe, Fastfood or Pizza Store. It is compatible with WooCommerce plugin also.


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